Monday, July 20, 2009

The Book Traveler Heads Out West

YEEEHAW! Saddle up pardners! If you're a readin' this blog, you're one of the privileged few who've been invited to join The Book Traveler as we head out west! Join us on a 3-week sojourn through the cities and sights along the Colorado front range, through Wyoming to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone National Park, down through Salt Lake City and 'cross the Utah-Colorado border back through the Rockies.

We’ll be visitin' the sights along with a bevy of used and independent bookstores along the way, posting stories and photos all the while. The sojourn wraps up when we skip off to Portland, Oregon by aeroplane, where we’ll sample the bookstores, coffee shops and microbreweries of the Willamette Valley. Blog along, won’t you! We’ll do all the work. There'll be enough adventure and misadventure to make you glad you opted for the staycation this year. The postings start on Wednesday, July 22nd, so bookmark this blog and get ready to roll!